Why am I receiving an email from Chissenefrega.shop?

If you received an email from Chissenefrega.shop, it’s because someone placed an order using your email-address.

If it wasn’t you, don’t worry, you’ll only receive a couple of emails. There was no account created in your name, and no payments have been made using your money. Somebody probably just misspelled their own email-address, that’s all. If you absolutely want to remove your email-address from our system, please contact us directly at webmaster@chissenefrega.shop.

If it was you, you can expect the following emails from us:

  • Processing order Sent out once your payment is completed.
  • Completed order – Sent out once we start processing your order
  • (Order on-hold) – Sent out in case your order got delayed.
  • (Refunded order)Sent out in case we had to refund your order.
  • (Customer note) – Sent out whenever we added a note to your order.

We do not send out any marketing-related emails.