What if my order got damaged or lost during shipping?

Once we hand your order over to our shipping carrier, bpost, that’s where our responsability ends. Bpost mentions the following about lost/damaged orders on their FAQ-page:

In case of loss or damage, you will receive a compensation equal to the postage.

In case of loss or damage, you are eligible for a compensation equal to the value of your order, maxing out at a little over 40 XDR*, depending on the weight of your order, plus the postage.

*XDR: Special Drawing Rights, a unit used in international transactions. It’s value is recalculated every year. As of 2017, 1 XDR equals about € 1,2385.

Should this happen to you, we will gladly assist you towards a solution. Please do not contact bpost directly, but contact us immediately (don’t forget to mention your order number) and we’ll try our best to sort it out for you.